Physics, Rogue Science?

Problems requiring solutions

As detailed on the main Physics, Rogue Science? site, there are problems in all areas of modern theoretical physics.
Special relativity has elements that have proved correct and others that have proved incorrect. No attempt has previously been made to separate these out, and where aspects are widely known to be incorrect, this is not acknowledged.
General relativity is mathematically over-elaborate, and important aspects are clearly wrong.
Quantum mechanics is thoroughly established in terms of a range of quite brilliant mathematical models. Its rhetoric is confused, metaphysical, and where comprehensible it is contradictory and/or unphysical and hence cannot be correct.
Modern cosmology/astrophysics is almost entirely speculation and metaphysics masquerading as science. Its reasoning is some of the worst in the history of science. None of the following are properly established: black holes, the big bang, inflation, dark matter, dark energy.
Electromagnetism is a pretty good theory, but it contains confusions.
Particle physics is a brave attempt to describe (‘explain’ is far too strong a word) everything in terms of particles. Some of the patterns it has found have proved useful, but it has never addressed the weaknesses at its core. These are the failure to explain interference and diffraction, the abandonment of determinism, and the consequent failure to identify waves as waves and to enquire into the structure and mechanism of particles.
String theory looks for all the world like a branch of mathematics masquerading as physics, but it may have more to offer than that, as we shall see later when we consider electromagnetism and matter.
Other twenty-first century theories are almost inevitably founded on one or other of the above theories, and there is no value in considering them until the quite serious problems that arose in the period 1900 to 1930 are properly addressed and overcome.